Fine Arts And Craft Festival In Meredith Change Lives

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The Fine Arts and Crafts Festival in Meredith is an annual festival to celebrate arts, crafts and creativity of Meredith community and its surrounding community. The festival showcases artworks of all kinds during this weekend of activity. The 39th edition of the festival is arranged to be held in August 2018, with over 80 crafts and arts creators waiting to exhibit their talents in arts and crafts. A weekend packed with the best of crafts, arts, music, food and entertainment, the festival has touched many lives in the community in different ways. First is a little about the festival and how to enrol on the event if you are planning on doing so.

Application Requirements

To be accepted into the festival, aspiring participants must present four current works of their art and crafts to pass through a jury that will judge if they are qualified before advancing through. These works must be original and belong to the applying artist. They must be presented in a JPEG format. No commercial imports or dealer-produced items will be accepted. Artists are free to present any category of their works whether painting, photography, clay, drawings, jewellery, wood, fibre, glass, sculpture, leather, paper, floral, metal and mixed media items. The application is with a non-refundable fee of $15. You may want to get more info on other terms if interested.


The annual festival of art and crafts is held in Meredith, outdoors. Main Street is where activities are on, so at this time the street is closed to vehicular movement during the time the event is on. Mill Fall Marketplace and Meredith village shops are major locations housing the exhibitors and their masterpieces.

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How The Festival Changes Lives

The Fine Arts and Crafts Festival is a well-promoted event cutting across many parts of America. People get to know about this festival over the internet and through other advertising media. Lives are changed in diverse ways through this festival.

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Bringing Out The Inert Ability

Among the reasons for holding the arts and crafts exhibition is to bring out the inert creativity within the community and the inhabitants. This drive has no doubt in a way helped some artists discover themselves or to improve their abilities to do better.

"Getting The Desired Exposure"

Getting The Desired Exposure

Many lives get changed by participating in the festival hosted in little Meredith town. This exposure has led some to get the push they need to get out there and do some greater things using their creativity in the arts. The result is an improved lifestyle and a better standard of living for those who had the opportunity to be part of the event. Many new artists in music get into the limelight by taking the move through programs like this and are now successful in their chosen field.

"Meredith Economy"

Economy Improvement

During the period the event lasts for, art products are put on sale at various prices. This is an economic boost to both the participants and by extension, the Meredith community. It improves the economic buoyancy and the spending power of the community dwellers. The Arts and Craft Festival comes up annually. If you are planning to participate, the preparation starts now.