Top Rated Mesmerizing Tourist Attractions

"Meredith Aerial View"

Though small in size, Meredith, New Hampshire is not small in the number of interesting places to visit. Navigating the various locations will surely leave you stunned by the beauty of the natural lakes, the creativity of the arts and crafts of the town, the architectural genius of the vacation rentals and the serenity of the various relaxation spots and centers in the area. For a tourist coming to town for the first time, experiencing a piece of the action in food, drinks and having fun generally is something you don’t want to trade for anything. You’ll have it all in hiking, sailing, skiing, swimming and in the array of events and festivals the town has to offer. For your visit, here are top rated places you shouldn’t miss when in Meredith, New Hampshire.

New Hampshire Music Festival

Music is food to the soul. Get treated to good vibes and sounds of music in a five week stretch during summer with New Hampshire Music Festival. Explore the classics, and admire new introductions of talented artists that Meredith town brings to town. Catch all the fun and give yourself a nice treat of music in this festival as you plan your visit.

America Police Motorcycle Museum

Meredith is home to this museum that showcases a variety of motorcycles in its collections. Displaying over 70 motorcycles, the collections include, among others; choppers, race machines, hill climbers and some vintage paint bikes. If history appeals to you with American policemen bikers of the past, this is just where you won’t want miss. Come biking with the ancients!

"Meredith natural science"

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Nature is life and that is what you get with Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. If you love the woods and native wildlife, come on board to this beauty in the beast environment where bears, fox, otters and much more will leave you spell-bound in the amazement of natural wildlife. On daily basis you are treated to interactive exhibits, nature trails and live animal events to spice up your day.

"Playhouse for everyone"

Winnipesaukee Playhouse

It is not all work in Meredith. Recreation, entertainment and sports keep the soul and body alive. Winnipesaukee Playhouse is one such place to visit. A theater platform in Meredith, with shows on schedule, is the place to be for educational and performance-type shows at various times of the week. The playhouse is just for everyone to find an interest whether in the audience or among the acting participants on stage.

"Natural lake from Meredith"

Lake Winnipesaukee

A visit to Meredith won’t be marked compete without spending some time on the beautiful lake of Winnipesaukee. Located just by the side of Meredith, Lake Winnipesaukee is a fun place with activities on the peak at summer time. Everything from fast food, beaches, and water parks form the ring around this unique lake in New Hampshire. If you are in love with water sports, this is your chance to get a bit of the action in the lake; boat cruises and sailing - all available during summer to keep visitors engaged in the gentle and steady flowing lake.

"Meredith Mountain View"

Mount Washington Cog Railway

Tourists would love every bit of experience with this cog railway that is the world’s first. If you are not scared of heights or wants to go on the adventure, the cog railway is worth trying out. Explore the mountains in a three hour drive up the heights taking snapshots as you go round the mountain tops.

Great sights are memories to linger on in our minds. Meredith’s tourist attraction spots are yours to savor as you come to visit. To make your visit a more profitable one, get to know the top exciting places in New Hampshire to visit.