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Meredith’s Activitie

The Fine Arts and Crafts Festival in Meredith is an annual festival to celebrate arts, crafts and creativity of Meredith community and its surrounding community. The festival showcases artworks of all kinds during this weekend of activity. The 39th edition of the festival is arranged to be held in August 2018, with over 80 crafts and arts creators waiting to exhibit their talents in arts and crafts. A weekend packed with the best of crafts, arts, music, food and entertainment, the festival has touched many lives in the community in different ways. First is a little about the festival and how to enrol on the event if you are planning on doing so.

Meredith Children’s Museum

Children are excited in a place to call theirs – a museum for children. Spanning about 8,000 square ft., this beautiful edifice offers the best in education, a suitable environment and a place of fun for families to take some time out with their kids. Taking a walk around the rooms shows the various themes this museum is made of. Everyone comes with a unique theme and objects projecting imaginary figures that children will surely love staying around in.

Squam Lakes Natural Science Center

Give your kids a learning atmosphere that entertains at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Kids can have natural views of bears, raptors, and bobcats in a friendly and playful manner. Get on board the lakes cruise to other adjoining lakes in a pleasurable ride with kids. They’ll really love every moment of it.

Meredith’s Cinema

Barnz’s Meredith Cinema

Catching some action on the screen with children is not an expensive one in Meredith. The Barnz’s theater shows new releases on its various four screens. It is a well-known place that gets sold out. You may want to make a reservation for your visit.

Ellacoya Park

Ellacoya State Park

Right on Winnipesaukee shore is Ellacoya Park; a park giving you clear views of the Ossipee and Sandwich mountains for your viewing pleasure. It is a pool of activities, with the sandy beach area and a picnic area for families, and you can have some fun recreating and exploring the beautiful features around.



Funspot ranks among the largest arcades of the world. If playing video games is for you, getting the treat of funspot will leave you speechless for the number of modern and classic collections they have in their arsenal – over 600 games with about half of them being classic arcade games. Enjoy mini-golf and bowling with your loved ones and kids. Children love games and will appreciate every bit of what Funspot has got to offer.

Riding In The Clouds!

Riding In The Clouds

Kids are thrilled when on horseback, so get riding in the clouds! Experiencing this and hiking on trails help kids catch some views of the environment. Going on trails via wooded acres with a historic background will mean much as an experience to savor with your family. Get all this at Riding in the Clouds.

Meredith’s Great Adventure

Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroad

Getting a train-based museum and a preservation that offers a ride along the coastal routes is a pleasurable ride to give children. This pleasurable ride goes through different routes such as Weir Beach to various locations in a museum-type adventure. Give your kids an adventure and a museum on the rails.

Clark’s Trading Post

Clark’s Trading Post

Clark’s trade post is fun spot kids will enjoy. The place boasts of trained bears that have been entertaining visitors in the past decades. With trained bears on ground to play with, this is one spot children can learn a lot from the friendly bears. 

There are lots of places for adults and kids to have nice time together without having to spend much. The above are a few that you’d find in Meredith town.


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