Interesting Facts About Meredith


Facts About Meredith


Meredith, a small Belknap county town, is one of New Hampshire’s vibrant towns. Located just beside Lake Winnipesaukee, this adorable United States town has some interesting facts you should know especially if you plan on relocating there or perhaps intend on making a visit as a tourist.

Back In History

Meredith, formally called Watson, a name from Watson Williams for owning “The Golden Fleece Hotel” located between Ballarat and Geelong, is an attractive place. The little town has a café, two pubs and a store that serves a general purpose. Once upon a time a hospital, football club and a lapidary club existed in this area. The football team, in their exploits, won the flag for the town in 1972. Meredith town once had a butter factory some miles from the rail station, called “The Meredith Creamery and Butter Factory”. The factory opened for business in 1891. In 1900 Meredith Corner Store got built to accommodate the post office. For the locals, there is uniqueness when dressing. Most will put their left foot in their pants, before their right, while getting dressed!

The Town’s Profile Today

Meredith is a town with a population of about 6,241, people according to the 2010 population census. In this little population is a median age of about 33 years and the median household income stands at $42,800. If you hope to acquire a house in Meredith, the median price for homes is $209,900. Owning a house is common in Meredith with 48.5% of the total population owning their homes while 51.5% are renting. For rent, the average cost stands at about $925.

Meredith’s Population

Population Demography

Breaking down the total population into the different ages, it clearly shows that,
Active age, age 18 and over is about 67%.
The median age is about 33%.
Age 21 and over is about 61%.
Age 56 and over is about 18%.
The positives to take away from the population are that the future is bright with an active working force and the young age group. With a median age of 33, it is a population with great activity and a future for the small community. A high of 67% of ages 18 and above is also a pointer to the bright future of the community.

Ethnicity of Meredith

Ethnicity of Meredith

The predominant ethnicity is white, gulping an appreciable chunk of 92% of the total population of the area. Ethnically black people are few with just about 2%, and Hispanic coming second to ethnically the white with over 7% of the total population. From the population, 54.2% are female while 45.8% are male. The major language spoken is English with over 97% of the inhabitants speaking it, while the rest, 2.7%, is shared among other languages.

Meredith’s transportation

Transportation mode

For the small size of Meredith, public transportation is almost not in existence. From the total population, about 86% drive in their vehicles. Carpool seems to be a better arrangement than public transport with about 8% of the inhabitants going by this method. While 1.85% walk to their various destinations, people adopting other means are about 3% of the total population.

Economy of Meredith town

Economy of Meredith town

Meredith’s predominant employment source is through retail services, healthcare, construction, education, and manufacturing industry. These sectors are evenly spread with each falling between 10% and 14% of the employment provision. In commerce, Meredith village is the center of commercial activities in the town.

Data and facts are very important for planning purposes and also to help guide visitors and new entrants into the place. The facts about Meredith town will help tourists have a foreknowledge of what Meredith is like before visiting.

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