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Meredith Town Vacationers

Looking for serenity when on visit to Meredith town in New Hampshire? You’re in just the right place. Meredith town has lots of fascinating places for visitors and vacationers to feel relaxed and away from disturbances. Here are some of the lesser-known places to go.

Lincoln To Conway, Kancamagus Highway

Kancamagus, a highway stretching some 43 miles along New Hampshire’s scenic route 112, is a place that keeps you away from the busy streets of Meredith. The shade cover from trees and the seclusion of the area is a strength for the serenity of this place for vacationers to fully relax. For this drive, that takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the towns, there are no hotels, restaurants, or gas stations in sight – making it a peaceful place. You have the campground and the White Mountain views to keep you engaged. If you love leaf peeping, here is a chance to get your hands on some.

Swasey Park

On High Street in Meredith, adjacent to Main Street, is Swasey Park. This peaceful location is a wooden park designed and built with a picnic area, waterfront and a place to catch nature’s view in a pleasant atmosphere. If you desire taking a break, here is a place to for a cool spot for your relaxation.

Scenic Park

The scenic park is located on Meredith Bay on Pleasant Street Route and Route 25. Besides the picnic area that offers a place for you and family, you have walkways for time alone with breath-taking sights to keep you company.

Scenic Park
Community Forest

Meredith Community Forest

This beautiful conservation center is located on Chemung road in Meredith Center. With 6 miles of maintained trails, you can hide yourself from the noisy environment in the quietness of the natural Meredith Community Forest by hiking. Catch the splendor of rare plant species and trees of all kinds in this peaceful place.

Waukewan Highlands Community Park

Parade Road is the home to this lovely park that offers a large expanse of land area for hiking, mountain biking, horseback ride and skiing. Uniquely built with an attractive feel in the pond design, this park provides a peaceful atmosphere to fully get off to serenity.

Community Park
Circle Drive Park


Circle Drive Park

On Circle Drive through the Meredith Community Center is a park; The Circle Drive Park. This small acre of land is not totally a wooded park. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and that is so peaceful and a cool place to take some time out.

There are many exciting but lesser-known places in Meredith town where you can have some quietness. Get checking to find some!

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